I am Distinguished University Professor at the University of Denver and Professor of International Finance at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies of the University of Denver (USA). I also co-direct the MA program in Global Economic Affairs (GEA) with Professor George DeMartino with whom I co-founded the degree at the Korbel School. (Note: I will be on sabbatical during the 2021-22 academic year. During that time the Global Economic Affairs degree will be directed by Professor Josiah Hatch.)

The GEA program continues to evolve in line with faculty research; changes in global economic conditions and the global policy and institutional environment; and in response to feedback from alumni, employers, and current students. (The program in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration was renamed Global Economic Affairs in 2021.) At Korbel I regularly teach a graduate course in “International Monetary Relations,” an advanced seminar on “Finance and Development” and an advanced undergraduate course in International Monetary Relations. I occasionally teach short seminars on “Advanced Topics in International Monetary Relations” and “Topics in Financial Development Policy”.

I’ve been honored to receive recognition at the University of Denver and at the Korbel School for distinction in teaching. I was awarded the United Methodist Teacher/Scholar Award in 2005-06 and have received several teaching awards over the years from the Graduate Students’ Association. (I have been equally gratified to receive an award from the University for distinction in research in 2011-12).

GEA graduate students have an active and inclusive student organization, the Council on International Finance, Trade and Economic Integration (CIFTE).

I have also enjoyed teaching in settings outside of the University of Denver, such as in the Cambridge University Advanced Program in Rethinking Development Economics (2001-2008), the International Career Advancement Program at the Aspen Institute (1997-Present), the School of Democracy of the Socialists and Democrats Caucus of the European Parliament (April 2017, May 2018, March 2019), the summer school on Social Economics organized by the Association for Social Economics (July 2015), and the Center for Popular Economics (with which I have been affiliated since 1987).

Syllabus, International Monetary Relations

Syllabus, Finance and Development

Syllabus, Advanced Topics in International Monetary Relations

Syllabus, Topics in Financial Development Policy